Sleep, 2008
Single-channel performative video
Duration: 04:02
Installation and performance at the
McHenry County Community College, July 2008

Participants from the Blue Sky Project Artist Residency, Woodstock Illinois

Working with youth and engaging with ideas about performance and the body, we analyze the classroom as a site for physical exploration. Discussion revolves around the institutional space as a site with the potentiality for learning, boredom, or indoctrination. We decide to disrupt the room’s order by turning it into an impromptu slumber party space, recording the results in video. An invite is issued for other residency participants and for them to create their own performance walking to the space through school hallways making loud noises. Upon entering the classroom to watch the video all participants sit amidst overturned desks and chairs. 

Made with the support of the Blue Sly Project Residency

Press:  Northwest Herald, July 7, 2008

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