Big Man

Big Man, 2017
Audio piece based on live performance
Duration: 09:00

The original performance at the Queens Museum in New York City, (a 7-minute monologue), is expanded upon as a two-channel audio work with contrasting female voices. The initial idea was conceived of following the 2016 presidential election of Donald J. Trump. The motive behind Big Man focuses on the attributes of ‘bigness’ and the implications of other such metaphors (‘huge’) as referring to the phallo-centric culture in the Trumpian lexicon. In this telling, the female voices –at different registers- find redemptive meaning, hope and anger though their own subjugation. The performance meshes their language with the work’s subtext; that of a perverse form of visibility.

Original performance on February 26, 2017 at the Queens Museum, in Flushing, NY as part of the LiVEART.US, Performance and Subversion program, curated by Hector Canonge.

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