Journey of the Invader Spirit

Journey of the Invader Spirit, 2023
Single-channel video
Duration: 15:47
Excerpt/Trailer: 04:34

Producer/Writer/Director: Mandy Morrison

Animation: Tori Porter

Music and Sound Design: Jason Charney

Participants: Jose Carlos Conceicao, Mandy Morrison, Raimundo da Silva, Charles Silva, Dete Vieira
Grupo de Capoeira Uniao, Itaparica, Bahia, Brazil, Escola Criança Feliz, Itaparica, Bahia, Brazil

Through the use of an invented creation myth, this cinematic work mines the exploitative nature of colonialism, and environmental degradations born of consumerism. Filmed in Bahia, Brazil, with local participants, a pernicious ‘Invader Spirit’ travels the land wreaking environmental havoc on the population. The Invader then gets challenged by both visible and unseen forces found in marine life, that take on the form of spiritual entities, conspiring to overwhelm the Invader, and remediate its environmental harms.

Journey of the Invader Spirit was part of a solo exhibition of the same name that took place at the Peale Center in Baltimore, Maryland in early 2023. During the run of the exhibit, the Peale hosted Robin Gunkel, PhD for a public talk on urban soil remediation, and a Capoeira workshop with instructor Justin West of the Capoeira Social Project in Baltimore.

This work was created with the support of the Sacatar Institute (Bahia, Brazil), University of Maryland, Baltimore County, the Tree of Life Foundation, the Maryland State Council on the Arts, and the Puffin Foundation.

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