ModBrut, 2017
Performative video installation (projected on panels) with audio
Dimensions: 42” x 65” x 31”
Documentation / Photo stills, 6.61” x 17.15”
Duration: 03:36 (loop)
Excerpt: 01:41

ModBrut plays with the contemporary paradigm of physical mobility in a planned architectural environment – in this case, the university campus (University of Maryland, Baltimore County). As the body’s relationship to such space requires the practical flow of forward motion, I developed insertions of performative actions carried out by students and faculty that defied normative patterns of movement on the campus. Viewers of the installation saw “flow” subverted – though not physically interrupted – by these actions. Within the installation, there was physical disruption of the image created by projecting the video onto angular sheets of foam core protruding from the walls. The audio consisted of ethnographic observations recorded by several participants. Given the task of identifying their experiences of specific sites on campus, they reflected on their own experiences of the modernist campus both before and after participating in the piece.

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