Journey of the Invader Spirit

Journey of the Invader Spirit, 2020-21
(Video Stills / Work-in-Progress)
Single-channel video with audio

Participants:  Charles Silva, Jose Carlos Conceicao, Raimundo da Silva, Dete Vieira

Children: Escola Criança Feliz

Martial arts: Grupo de Capoeira Uniao, Itaparica, Bahia, Brazil

This work-in-progress video is based on an invented Creation Myth that borrows from the Candomblé spiritual tradition of northern Brazil.  In the video, a pernicious illegitimate ‘Invader Spirit’ travels the land blithely wreaking havoc on the local population by way of boundless forms of consumer lust, then later, punishing with detritus and waste. Eventually, the Spirit’s malevolence gets challenged a by a team of artful Capoeira (Afro-Brazilian) martial arts practitioners working with the aid of angelic and earthbound spirit beings.

Made with the support of the Sacatar Institute, Bahia, Brazil

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