Spirits of Promise and Loss

Spirits of Promise and Loss, 2020
(Installation view) Six-channel video installation with audio
Dimensions: 4’ x 40’
Duration: 02:31 (loop)

This piece uses photographic images the Old Town Mall in Baltimore as a backdrop for the behaviors of ghost-like characters that populate a former model of utopian possibility. Old Town Mall was one of numerous experiments across the U.S. in urban mall development that strove to bring mid-century suburban shoppers, back downtown. Initially popular, the Old Town Mall is now mostly abandoned. This free-standing six-channel rear-projected video installation, standing four feet tall and over forty feet long, with panels hinged at an angle from each adjoining panel, references the Asian screen, once a popular decorative device used to separate interior spaces.  With China as a competing economic power that has usurped the manufacturing base that was once the economic mainstay of U.S. cities such as Baltimore, the piece is a contemporary media work, which speaks to urban entropy, underscoring current class and cultural partitions.

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